Individual Therapy

1778174492Are you feeling down? Always tense? Have zero emotional energy?

Then get ready to say goodbye to those! It’s time to take care of yourself because you deserve the care and healing your soul craves.

Individual therapy provides a space for you to address a host of personal issues, increase self-awareness, develop better communication skills, and learn to cope with challenges in your life (both past and present).

Individual therapy has helped people find hope and healing for over a hundred years. The approach is tried and true. Depending on your issue, you might find some help and healing in a support group format, but to drill down to your problems, you need an experienced counselor.

To the point, you can’t do this alone, and this is the reason why I am here.

Other methods haven’t worked.

Yes, you’ve tried online plans, followed a Guru, read books, and liked Instagram posts from those “in the know.” Unfortunately, the self-help program hasn’t worked so well.

You’ve ended up with the equivalent of swapping diet plans – that one didn’t work, so I’ll try this one.

You’re likely exhausted by it all.

Many clients claim that having someone listen intently and focus exclusively on them is healing in and of itself. And then there is the genuine help and expertise a good therapist provides.

Perhaps you have been in counseling before, and the prospect of searching for another therapist is daunting.

1526245034Keep searching – the right therapist can do wonders.

Finding the right therapist is important because the more harmonious the relationship between the client and therapist, the better the progress made.

Therefore, I strive to establish that kind of relationship with all my clients, and the reports I receive indicate that our sessions have proven positive relative to previous counseling experiences.

Those clients report the establishment of a “peaceful disposition” where only medication could help before. Through self-exploration, some have learned they can “feel whole” without dependence on people or things. Others have learned to “forgive previous hurts” with compassion and calm.

We can do this together!

It’s time to invest in yourself; participating in individual therapy can make a difference.

You can’t and shouldn’t do this alone. I am here to assist you toward your best and most authentic self – as you venture through the pain and into the future of hope and wholeness.

Contact me today so that we can turn your negatives into positives.

My clients also report:

“replacing deep-seated anxiety with solid peace”

“being present and genuine in difficult relationships”

“becoming more content with work”

“exercising regularly”

“living purposefully.”