Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

757033897EMDR is a proven treatment method for trauma.

Sometimes traditional talk therapy doesn’t cut it. The subconscious buries the trauma and associated feelings too deeply. If this is your case, you should investigate the claims of EMDR. Although the name sounds strange, people testify to EMDR’s healing effectiveness. Hear directly from clients who have experienced it.

A client presented with anxiety and knew that something in the past caused it. After a thorough history and gentle unveiling of sexually abusive incidents, we started EMDR sessions. By the end of the sessions, the client noticed a palpable lifting of the shame and icky feelings associated with the horrific incident. They expressed amazement at the effectiveness of EMDR.

A middle-aged mom requested EMDR to desensitize the trauma around several childhood incidents involving her physically abusive father. At the end of one of the sessions, she quietly remarked on the calm she experienced: “Wow, it’s weird how that works.”

Another 27-year-old client signed up for EMDR for ongoing angst and feeling stuck in life. After a preliminary investigation, we identified several key memories and childhood situations for EMDR processing. Releasing and healing from those memories also initiated breakthroughs in other areas of his life. It’s as if the EMDR work broke open the dam and allowed the healing to flow through all areas of his life.

“I’m amazed at how it works.”

“The anxiety about that memory is gone.”

“I think back on that incident, and it doesn’t bother me anymore.”

418217026Healing is possible with EMDR.

Memories of past trauma can become locked in your brain. When an individual experiences exposure to reminders of that experience, like sounds, sights, etc., the memory of that traumatic event becomes triggered, making the person relive the trauma. EMDR helps individuals reprocess that memory, allowing them to put it in the past rather than reliving it continually.

EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation, usually involving rapid eye movements. Yet there are other ways to cause the reaction of the eye movements typical of EMDR. Part of your assessment will include identifying which method is best suited to you. Go ahead and fact-check the brief information here. A quick search will lead you to abundant information about this ground-breaking intervention, or you can call me to talk directly.

EMDR results in true healing at an accelerated rate compared to other types of therapy. It is not just hype or trendy. In fact, the U.S. military mandates EMDR as the treatment of choice for PTSD of veterans.

EMDR works! Research proves its efficacy. Utilizing EMDR in therapy and reports from clients prove it. And you can prove it for your issues. Contact me ASAP to see if EMDR will work for you, too.