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About Therapy

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As you’re discovering, finding a psychotherapist is a bit of a chore. I hope to make your task easier. I do that by demystifying the counseling process.

What can you expect to happen during the counseling process? Though signing up for therapy is a paid, professional service, it’s a relationship like no other, creating the safe place you need to get to the life you desire.

At first, we are total strangers, but if compatible, the process quickly links us and inspires you to face the hurting realities you’ve been avoiding. In the beginning, therapy feels like an unknown, daunting journey. Once we hit our stride and you feel the winds of change, you will look forward to the next session.

The prospect of change might overwhelm you but know that countless others have done this. It’s so normal to find a therapist and get help. Your friends and family members likely have done this. You can do this, too.

About Therapy with Me

Bottom line: Counseling is essentially telling the truth about your life. Finally, you will no longer avoid the not-working-so-well parts of your life.

It’s not so much that you’ve been outright lying unless you have been; but instead, being honest with yourself about how out of touch you are with unspoken sorrow, neglect, and abuse.

Finding words for your pent-up emotions and unhelpful thoughts will jumpstart you on the path to freedom.

Because telling yourself the truth sets you free. Telling your story and what’s been true for you for a long time – the deepest pains in your deepest heart – provides a sweet release.

BooksHere’s what you’re signing up for with me.

Yes, all this will be painful. But that’s why you’re taking me along with you for support.

You will receive the following:
1) A thorough retelling of your story so I get to know you through my direct yet gentle approach;
2) Methods grounded in my holistic signature approach;
3) Research-based tools and techniques tailored to your situation and personality;
4) A guarantee of significant change if you engage fully in the process.

After counseling with me, most clients walk away with more purpose and freedom from their past.

Those who fail to experience change, frankly, didn’t connect with me or with the process. Those clients weren’t ready to commit to a better life or to face the pain.

About Me

AdminHere’s a bit of my story.

Most reputable counselors likely have their own stories of brokenness and trauma.

Near the end of my fourth decade of life, I broke down. I was living overseas, mostly enjoying it, but the start of panic attacks signaled that all was not well. As the anxiety increased, I had to stop and evaluate my life.

I started on a path of healing and release from childhood trauma and my faulty coping mechanisms. For the first time, I experienced a palpable joy in my heart.

As a result of this newfound outlook, I could also tell the truth about other dissatisfying realities in my life. One of these was my career. I was ready to engage my youthful interest in psychology and get my counseling chops. I returned home and started my studies.

I bring years of life and clinical experience to the process, which I now pass on to you in our work together.

In my leisure time,

I enjoy freshly ground single-origin coffees, reflecting with music, riding my bike, working out on my TRX, creating fused glassware, and enjoying time with my wife and adult children.

These activities rejuvenate my soul and sharpen my attention to you and your journey.