Couples Coaching

2223463635You know something’s way off in your relationship.

The spark disappeared years ago.

Your romantic life feels cold and lifeless.

You don’t hate each other yet. But you worry that you will someday – sooner than later.

“Are we headed for divorce?” is a thought that creeps in more often.

Even together, you feel alone.

The thing is, even though you have a partner, you feel alone.

If you both feel alone in your relationship, don’t seek to remedy your relationship alone.

Most couples wait four to six years before seeking help. Don’t be that couple!

145798055Have you heard of couples enrichment?

Weekend couples enrichment programs are a popular and effective means of tuning up a relationship. My couples coaching package provides this needed tune-up but in a much more personalized and applied way that a weekend getaway can’t deliver.

Traditional couples counseling tries to identify communication snafus and unresolved relational issues and conflicts. An enriching coaching approach builds communication skills and equips you with tools to enhance your relationship.

Enrichment will give you the structure and tools to deal with relational problems. We aren’t starting with the issues; we are starting with and capitalizing on your strengths as a couple.

If the prospect of couples counseling turns you off as a sign-up-forever process, try this six-session coaching package instead.

Enrichment coaching might be right for you if –

You aren’t on the brink of splitting up or haven’t experienced any physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from your partner.

You haven’t yet utilized this approach or any methods described here.

Both of you are sick and tired of not doing anything proactive about your relationship.

You are ready to take better care of yourselves AND each other.

Searching for solutions sounds more hopeful than fixing the problems.

Both of you will dedicate yourselves to completing practice assignments.

1188687364Work through problems together.

A coaching approach builds strengths to help you navigate difficult conversations and push through to resolution and renewal of that spark in your relationship. Coaching helps you move up and out of the rewind-repeat cycle you’re stuck in.

My couples coaching package consists of six sessions. After these sessions, we will evaluate your progress and, if necessary, schedule a few more sessions with specific goals.

The first session will involve assessment and evaluation, including completion of intake and paperwork, preparation of an enrichment profile, introduction to the Gottman Method, signing of the relationship contract, and assignment of the first exercises.

Learn in session. Practice (often) between sessions.

The remaining sessions (spaced at least two weeks to allow for thorough practice) will involve evaluating your success with various tools, adjusting as needed, and learning the next exercises. Between sessions, you will go home and practice often what you’ve learned. Rinse, repeat.

Some of the tools and techniques include:

Identifying and eradicating relationship killers

Moving toward each other

Practicing gratitude

Reigniting the original spark

Building emotional safety (yes, for you men, too)

Kindness appointments

Work together to reignite the spark!

If you’re serious about keeping your relationship alive and thriving, couples coaching can help.

Every relationship needs renewal and attentive care. Through this program, we can identify what keeps you apart and find ways to make a lasting connection.

Don’t postpone reaching out for help. Get in touch today so we can all work together to fortify your relationship. I will explain in more detail what to expect during the six sessions.