How I Work with You

638004649We must consider all parts.

You are way more than your problems.

You aren’t only dealing with repressed emotions.

I will treat you as the holistic person you are. You’re a sum of all your parts.

The parts most pertinent to counseling are like concentric circles.

RingEach circle has meaning – for YOUR well-being.

The innermost circle, the deepest part of you, represents your soul, your spiritual center. Your core identity resides here. Though this is a circle, it’s also core, solid – not just a ring like the other spheres. Any change made here will resonate throughout the circles and affect each area.

There is an emotional ring next to the soul stuff. As true of our core identity, describing what happens here can be complex and elusive – even more so for some of us. Processing your emotions breaks open the path to healing. You must go there even if it’s unknown or feels like it will do you in.

The psychological or mental circle signifies our thoughts and how we conceptualize and communicate what happens in our inner and outer lives. It’s where we interpret what is happening outside of us and how it affects our inner world.

Our physical bodies house all these circles, and our inner processes directly impact our bodies. Likewise, physical pain and our lived experiences affect our thoughts and feelings. So, we must talk about what’s happening in your body, too.

Healing every part of you is the goal.

In any given session, we will delve into at least one of these spheres, if not several. I will filter all our exercises and techniques through this model, delivering a unique outcome for your healing process. I will explain these circles more completely during our first session.

This holistic model provides the guard rails for our work together and ensures you experience healing and restoration of your whole person.

I will be your primary guide and confidant as you explore your inner world. This is a journey you do NOT want to undertake alone. This is not a solo trek.

Let’s chat more about how I can walk alongside you.