You’re Losing Faith, and You’re Losing Hope

Reconnect with God, and Revitalize Your Wellbeing

Christian Counseling in NE Dallas and Online throughout Texas

You feel like you’re on the outside looking in.

All your life, you’ve been raised to follow the church’s teachings.

You’ve watched as the people around you use their faith to build meaningful lives for themselves.

Meanwhile, you feel lost and without purpose. Why does Jesus help everyone else but me?

You feel ashamed for being unable to make your faith work for you—it’s overwhelming.

Something’s missing.

You read scripture and attend services, but the words feel empty.

When you try to apply the lessons to your own life, there seems to be no correlation.

You tried talking to your pastor but need more than scripture or platitudes.

Now, you’re questioning everything you took for granted to figure out how to move forward.

Faith-based counseling helps you find real answers.

Christian counseling gives you the best of both worlds.

I incorporate the most advanced therapeutic techniques with the timeless wisdom of our faith.

This allows me to treat not only your mind but your soul.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy gives you practical tools to relieve your immediate symptoms.

When your symptoms are addressed, you can again feel God’s presence in your life.

This is leading-edge therapy combined with biblical wisdom.

EMDR is one of the most powerful therapeutic techniques to heal painful experiences from your past.

We’ll rewire past painful associations that are cutting you off from the depth of your spiritual connection.

As you heal, we’ll draw upon scripture to rebuild your faith and reestablish a vital connection with God.

Enjoy renewed energy and peace while rediscovering your purpose.

God wants you to experience your potential.

Imagine being able to plan your day with optimism and genuinely engage with life.

Don’t spend any more time struggling in isolation.

Heal your mind and reconnect with your purpose using this powerful combination of faith and therapy.

It’s time to become whole again.

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