Your Past Is Sucking the Life Out of You

Break Free from the Past and Take Your Life Back with EMDR

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You’ve tried everything.

Talk therapy had you painfully rehashing your past, but the feelings never went away.

You’ve tried numbing the pain and ignoring it, but it only comes back stronger.

The knot of dread in your stomach has become normal, and you’ve almost given up.

Holding it all inside has made you feel alone and struggle to connect with the people in your life.

You need some relief.

You look successful on the outside but that could drastically change at any time.

You’re tired of faking being “okay” for your friends and family.

Just talking about normal stuff with your spouse is becoming unbearable.

Your work output is adversely affected, and your colleagues notice something’s going on.

If you have the energy to socialize, anxiety rears its ugly head even though you want to engage with them.

You can no longer ignore the deep hurts associated with the traumas you’ve endured.

Without some relief, you are going to cave.

EMDR is life-changing.

It’s your turn to experience the surprising healing of EMDR.

Feel some relief as we do a thorough history of your past and set you up for a desensitization experience.

Learn the positive benefits of visualizing a safe place you can access at any time.

You are now prepared for the gentle, yet startling process of bilateral stimulation. Feel the immediate release of anxiety and tension as we proceed with the process.

We will exchange your negative self-talk with absolutely true, positive affirmations on the spot.

We will set new uplifting phrases into your brain to replace the old damning messages.

Wait until you feel lighter and able to face each day with more vigor and optimism.

Leave the counseling office feeling rather tired emotionally, but much lighter in your step. Even upbeat.

Let’s do this.

In our work together, you will move further and further away from the life you have known up till now and further into a stable, positive future.

Imagine your past hurts and abuses melting away and leaving you standing taller as you undergo the EMDR process.

Combat soldiers suffering from PTSD have to undergo EMDR counseling. If it’s good enough for them, it’s great for you!

EMDR is actually all it’s cracked up to be and will work for you.

Your time is now.

It feels like you’ve carried this burden for years.

You’re sick of fighting this fight alone.

Free yourself from the binds of your past – EMDR will pave the way.

Experience the joy and energy you deserve. Wake up feeling good and ready to move forward.

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